Climbing advanced course

Learn more about the technique, strengthen your body.

The advanced climbing and boulder climbing course is designed for those who have completed the beginners course or already have the technical tools to carry out the proposed exercises in safety.

The course takes place throughout the year with meetings twice a week, of an hour and a half which can be booked through our online portal from week to week.
It is possible to join the group at the beginning of each month, subject to verification of the necessary knowledge.

Don’t forget you will need a non-competitive medical certificate.


Each lesson begins with a warm-up and functional strengthening, and then continues
with the scheduled lesson. The lessons will cyclically deepen several aspects of climbing, both bouldering and lead with the aim of improving technique and increasing strength in order to be able to climb prepared both on sight and on work.
The group will have the chance to get to know and deepen the context of the outdoor world linked to climbing.


Each lesson lasts an hour and a half. It will be possible to join the course at any time of the year after an interview to verify basic safety knowledge.


Equipment is included in the course. The use of your own shoes is strongly recommended for the development of sensitivity on the foot.


€45/month €35 annual subscription

a sports medical certificate is required (even non-competitive)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum grade I need to be able to climb to be admitted to the course?

No, the entry level to our course concerns belaying experience of the lead climber and the use of safety techniques both as leader and as second on the rope.

Can I start when I want or do I have to wait for the course to start?

You can start whenever you want! Stop by the gym to have a chat with our instructors and decide when to begin!

Do I have to be very strong physically to be able to enter the advanced course?

No, we will try to build a functional and strong body together. Talk to our instructors who will be able to advise you on whether it is appropriate to continue an in-depth study of the techniques.
Be Safe!