Climbing teen course

A contribution to psychomotor development in the growth phase.

In our climbing gym, kids will learn to master their body in the vertical dimension, both in rope climbing and on the bouldering structure, harmonizing learning with the playful and social side that characterizes this stage of growth.

Kids will be guided through rope climbs exclusively under the direct insurance of our qualified instructors.


Basic motor coordination and strengthening of the motor system. Basic and advanced moves for climbing. Mental approaches to managing the challenge with oneself and managing fears and limits, successes and failures. Rope ascent and descent.


From September to June


All the equipment is included in the course fee


€45/month + annual subscription €35

a sports medical certificate is required (even non-competitive)

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Frequently Asked Questions

From what age is it possible to participate?

The age range is from 10/11 to 15 years old. For 10-year-olds, it will be evaluated whether to include them in this category or in that of children.

Is a medical certificate required?

Yes, a non-competitive certificate is fine. If you want to participate in the regional circuit races during the year, you will need the competitive certificate.