Who we are


S’Avanzada was born back in 2015 from the passion for sport climbing and the outdoors of two friends who, since middle school, traveled Sardinia far and wide to discover its wonders. Yet they found an unexpected surprise in their own city: the ridge located to the south-east of the historic district of Castello, called “Is bastionis de S’Avanzada” since the 18th century. It looked like a cliff surrounded by greenery waiting to be equipped and valued.
So in 2015 they founded the association “S’Avanzada Climbing Cagliari” with the aim to share the values ​​of discovering the territory through the practice of climbing. In 2019 they obtained the authorization from the Municipality of Cagliari and made their dream come true.
Today S’Avanzada represent a community and an established gym where many Sardinians and travelers have the opportunity to take their first steps towards the wonders of climbing and hiking in Sardinia.



Respect for the environment

“Take only photos, leave only footprint”
It is essential that those who travel through uncontaminated territories are well aware of being in a precious place whose balance must not be altered. This awareness has become increasingly important now that the number of people who experience outdoor activities is increasing.
We know from experience that when you fully understand the beauty of nature, it comes naturally to protect and take care of it. This is why we always encourage outdoor activities to be done with awareness.

Outdoor and discovery

or those who were born in Sardinia and have the opportunity to travel, it is normal to realize how unique the bond between the territories and traditions of the island is.
We encourage and organize outdoor activities because we believe that exploring the places of this small continent is the best way to enhance and protect it, creating a flow of stimuli and ideas between us, the local communities and nature itself.

Body-Mind balance

S’Avanzada’s goal is not only to promote climbing as a sporting gesture in itself, we want to find the necessary balance between our mind and our body to harmoniously perform the movements on the vertical wall.
A balance that does not disappear once we return to the horizontal dimension, but which we carry with us to face the challenges of daily life.

A unique context

The S’Avanzada climbing wall is located in the historic center of Cagliari, at the entrance to the “Public Gardens” park, which with an area of ​​almost two hectares represents an important green lung in the city.
From its walls you can admire the splendid panorama of the valley below, up to the sea and the mountains to the south-east of the Gulf of Cagliari.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the area of ​​the park housed the Regia Polveriera and in 1840 the open space in front of it was purchased by the Municipality of Cagliari, which transformed it into a 19th-century style city park. Subsequently he converted the Regia Polveriera into the current Municipal Art Gallery.

Municipal Art Gallery of Cagliari

Inside the park is the Municipal Art Gallery, a pole of utmost importance among the city’s Civic Museums.
Inside you can admire the civic collection of Sardinian artists who, together with works of modern art (among which Boccioni, Ciusa and Nivola stand out) collect paintings and sculptures of great value, making the gallery a place of unique value.

National archaeological museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari is the most important archaeological museum in Sardinia, located in the Citadel of Museums between Porta Cristina and Porta S’Avanzada. Inside you will find important evidence of the Nuragic civilizations that dominated Sardinia and were influential throughout the Mediterranean in prehistoric times.
Here a taste of the museum in a Virtual Tour.

Our instructors


Sports physiotherapist, climbing instructor and traveler; since youth age I have been exploring Sardinia on foot, by canoe and clinging to the rocks.
After two degrees and a few masters I discovered that I like to support people towards trust and balance in the vertical dimension, working in my favorite office: the outdoors!


If you have been that child who wants to climb over every rock or tree, your path is marked. And so it was: in my first year of high school I was lucky enough to discover sport climbing which overwhelmed me from the very first holds, making me passionate to the point of becoming a competitor and then an instructor. Since then I have been exploring and sharing my passions together with a wonderful group of friends who I now call S’Avanzada.


Dancer, educator, capoeirista, jurist in her spare time, but above all madly in love with sport climbing!
After having lived and worked outside Sardinia for years, the rock and the people of this land called me back and now I spend my time in the open air immersed in the stone or among children to pass on my passion to them… Better than this?


GAE guide, climbing instructor, photographer, location manager. Farmer when and as soon as I can. I was born in Sardinia, I have traveled as much as I could between Patagonia, the Sahara and the Middle East; I worked ten years as a guide between Norway and Iceland. Seeker of mushrooms, asparagus, wild orchids, aromatic herbs, wild fruits. I never remember a password and I never forget a tree.

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