Come and try climbing

Climbing experience

Your first steps in sport climbing

The Climbing Experience is an activity suitable for adults and children from 3 years upwards, designed to let you try and discover the world of sport climbing and boulder climbing supported by a qualified instructor!

You never climbed before? No problem! No previous climbing knowledge is required to participate, our activities are also open to beginners.

All you need is the will to climb and have fun!


It’s a personalized experience! it will be possible to satisfy everyone’s aptitude to focus on the basic bouldering moves or go deeper into climbing. You will discover what it feels like to climb and enjoy the panorama of the city from the top!


The Climbing Experience has a duration of:
– 30 minutes for a single person.
– 45 minutes for two people
– 1 hour for three people
– possibility to organize the experience for large groups


All essential equipment for safe climbing is given and includes: helmet, harness, rope, belay device, climbing shoes.


The cost of the Climbing Experience is €20 per person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for children to do the Climbing Experience?

Yes! Being a private lesson, we can adapt the Climbing Experience and make it a very interesting and educational experience both for children with a climbing experience and for children who are just curious to try it!

Can I do the Climbing Experience even if I have never climbed?

Yes! It’s just ideal, as you can approach this sport in a personalized way. Our instructors will let you enjoy this experience in safety, without any prior knowledge being required.

How is rope climbing done? Is there a risk of falling?

You will climb as second on the rope, so the rope will already pass through the summit chain. This excludes the possibility of falling flights.

Who belays me when I'm rope climbing?

One of our qualified instructors will belay you, he will make sure you put on the harness correctly and join it to the rope using the knot officially recommended by FASI. He will guide you on the way up, giving you the advice you need to tackle the passages and reminding you to turn around and look at the panorama that can be admired from above!

Can I give the Climbing Experience as a gift?

Yes! You can come to our office, or use our shop ( and book by writing to our WhatsApp number 3516606615.

I already know how to climb, is the Climbing Experience designed for me too?

Yes! Our instructors will be happy to belay you on routes that suit your grade (we have routes up to 7b!), and delve into bouldering climbing techniques. We kindly ask you to let us know when booking..