Kids climbing course

Play climbing surrounded by greenery.

For kids aged 6 to 10, the course is designed in a playful-sporting way, to stimulate the discovery of their motor skills through play and socializing in the open air.

Everything with nothing by play!
The climbing school for kids aims to develop their motor skills, to experiment the vertical dimension, and to build relationships with peers.
We believe that our educational approach is suitable for all children, regardless of their aptitude for the specific sporting action of climbing.
Addressing any fear of heights will be of fundamental importance, will strengthen self-confidence, as well as teaching respect for others in sharing the playing space and in compliance with safety rules.



Basic motor coordination and strengthening of the motor system. Basic and advanced moves for climbing. Mental approaches to managing the challenge with oneself and managing fears and limits, successes and failures. Rope ascent and descent.


From June to September


All equipment is included in the course fee.


€45/month €35 annual subscription

a sports medical certificate is required (even non-competitive)

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can they start climbing?

The kids course starts from 6 years old, but it is possible to start as early as 3 years old! If you are interested in having your child start before he/she is old enough for the course, you can take a Climbing Experience and evaluate whether to start a course of single lessons with the instructor.